About Us

Everyone spends money.  It’s a simple fact, people cannot survive without spending money. We need clothes, shelter, food and medication, personal products.  But how much do you really think about where your money goes after it leaves your wallet? How is your hard-earned cash divided up by the companies that make your clothes and create your beauty products? How much is given to the seamstress that stitched your Saturday night Little Black Dress and how much ends up in the CEO’s new car? How much is spent on chemicals to give you that perfect pout? How much is wasted on non-recyclable packaging that ends up floating in the ocean?

A Conscious Life was created to help you find the companies that respect their workers, that use fair trade ingredients and materials and that give back to the global community.  We’ll find the natural beauty products that aren’t tested on animals and test drive them for you.  We’ll find the retailers that pay their employee a fair and equitable wage.  We’ll find the manufacturers that limit their carbon footprint and don’t poison the environment with chemicals and we’ll find charities that support the amazing causes to address issues like world hunger, literacy for women in Africa, suicide prevention and education in the LGBTQI community, and the sex trafficking of women and children, just to name a few.

There are millions of people all over the world that need your help, and all you have to do is think about one thing.  Who’s getting my money and do they deserve to have it?

So we will connect you with companies that are built around amazing values, products that are natural, non-toxic and don’t harm the environment and charities that never stop supporting those in need.  Every product we endorse will be tested by a member of our family. My ever patient husband will be the guinea pig for everything ‘Men’s Grooming’.  My kids will be wearing out clothes and breaking toys and I will faithfully and carefully test drive beauty and lifestyle products, subscription boxes, natural shampoos and hair growth treatments so you get a 100% honest look at how you can make a difference while you shop.

That’s my promise to you.  100% honesty. Always.


We hope you love our blog and look forward to helping you change the world!


Stephanie and A Conscious Life.