The Haiti Campaign:

Two months ago, we featured Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself as one of our Awesome Charities.  We are so happy to report that managed to reach their goal of educating 500 children in Grand Passe, Haiti within 45 days of the beginning of the campaign. Such an amazing effort to all who donated to this fantastic cause.  Since May 16th, donations have slowed right down though.

Every uniform donated over the goal of 500, helps children from the villages surrounding Grand Passe get an education and fight the circumstances that threaten to keep them in poverty. The fact that reached their goal is AMAZING! But there are still so many children that need your help.  Please dig deep for the remainder of the 90 day campaign and help us empower the beautiful children of Haiti by giving them an education.

Just $27 is all it takes, the cost of a single Blue Ray Disc, a CD, a new T-Shirt.  You can make a difference in a child’s life, simply by choosing to go without for a moment.  Please, give generously today. There are still 16 days left for you to change a life.



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