10 Tree


Protect the world you play in.


Canadian entrepreneurs Kalan Emsley and Dave Luba founded 10Tree after a trip to Hawaii getting active in the natural environment of the islands.  After hiking, surfing, scuba diving, biking and sky diving in the picturesque outdoors, a desire to protect the natural resources of the world was cemented in them and they set out to change the world.

10Tree is a lifestyle apparel company with the noble goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2030, and they plan to achieve this by working with registered not-for-profit tree-planting organizations to ensure they support environmental best practices and plant trees that survive.  Their commitment to the honoring the environment also means that they are strict about the suppliers they buy from, making sure they adhere to high ethical and environmental standards.

So how does it work? For every item you purchase, 10 trees are planted in damaged ecosystems around the world (in some cases, more than 10 trees are planted to ensure that 10 trees survive).   You receive a tree token with your item that you can register on the website to check out where you trees have been planted.  I love that I’ll be able to see where my dollars are making an impact. There’s also a running tally of the number of trees they’ve been able to plant since the beginning with as of right now is sitting at 20,853,890.  That’s pretty damn impressive.

International shipping is available for a flat rate of $20, YES! If you live in Canada or the US and spend over $75 you’ll get free shipping, and international orders over $150 receive free shipping, too.

Check out some of their products:



“The numerous social and environmental benefits of each tree planted will likely outlast any tentree product purchased. Not only do the trees live for 20-30 years, but they also propagate seedlings which in turn grow into more trees. This is the reason ten trees can make such a difference. For every item sold, these trees will benefit the region for centuries to come.”

This is not a paid post.  I have not received any money or products in exchange for this post.

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