Pump Hair Care Review: Part 3

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Drumroll, please! It’s officially been 41 days or 5.8 weeks since I began testing the Pump HairCare Limited Edition Growth Value Pack.  I have to say, the joy of using these products has not diminished a bit. The gorgeous scents do not fade or get less impressive with time. Every time I wash treat, wash and condition my hair is like a day at a Christmas inspired spa. But that’s not what you all care about right now, is it? You want RESULTS! So without further ado………

On day 1, the hair on the top of my head (at its longest) was 4cm long, on day 13 my hair had grown 0.6 cm and was 4.6 cm long.  Today is day 41 and at it’s longest, my hair is now………. 5.3 cm.  As I mentioned in part 2, human hair generally grows an average of 1.25cm in a month with is approximately 4.3 weeks.  Now, I realise that these measurements put my hair growth squarely on track, however, the product disclosure does say that you should expect to see results after 5-6 weeks so I am reserving my final judgements at this time. I will say that my hair has never been this thick and lush before so that is definitely a bonus.  Not to mention, I’m no longer using chemicals in my haircare products.  Hair is insanely absorbent so I am definitely glad about that.

One final note, my lashes are insane! I’ll be honest and let you know that I’ve only been using the lash serum every second night but I have lashes for days! The Lash Serum is definitely worth a purchase.


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