Product Empties #2

As a blogger interested in sustainability, Product Empties really appealed to me. How often do you find a product you love so much that you use every last drop?

Ayse Merve Demir

Back with a very old school type blog post – product empties (!!) I did my first product empties blog post back in September last year which you can read HERE and ever since I’ve been collecting products to do a second one. I really enjoy watching and readings posts on what products people have used up and their true opinions on it and to be honest it’s just sooo satisfying seeing a product being used up to the very last drop. Personally I buy loads of makeup and skincare for myself so when I use up a product I get very happy as I know I get my money’s worth out of the product and no product goes to waste like this. I will be doing way more product empties posts this year and it’s a great way to keep track of what products I’ve been loving or not…

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  1. It’s such a satisfaction, knowing that you’ve used a product til its last drop! Mine is usually the pantene shampoo, it works so good for me 🙂

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