Pump Hair Care: Part 2!

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Day 1, 4cm

Day 13, 4.6CM long

Okay, so I’m not one to jump to conclusions or get over excited by possibilities without proof sooooo…… I started testing Pump Hair Care 13 days ago. I’ve treated, washed, conditioned and masked my hair three times in those days and I wanted to make sure I kept you all updated of the results.

You might not know it but human hair usually grows at an average rate of 1.25cm (0.5in) a month or 15cm (6in) per year. In the 13 days since I started using Pump, my hair has gotten noticeably thicker, in fact I’m starting to look like a healthy porcupine, but as my faithful and patient husband will atest to, it has grown too.

My hair is now 4.6CM long, and I look ridiculous. Not that I mind… Every pixie cut survivor HAS to look ridiculous at some point while her hair grows out but I really hope this phase passes quickly.

See you soon!

This hair is nuts!


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