Let’s talk about periods! And Modibodi panties.


Hands up if you have ever had that awful, uncomfortable feeling of leakage? I freely admit it. I have a heavy flow and often tampons just aren’t up to the job.  At least one-third of women will experience a heavy menstrual flow in their lifetime and honestly, sometimes you just can’t get to the bathroom fast enough. And Murphy’s Law will make sure it’s always when you’re in that important work meeting, at that amazing concert (where the lines for a cubicle are 100 deep), or stuck in your car in 2km an hour traffic.

A few months ago, I had one embarrassing moment to many and LOST IT! I was so over the ridiculous amount of money dropped on sanitary products every month! Over the stubborn stains on my nice sheets, over having to carry a change of underwear and pants in my car (just in case)! OVER IT. Then I found out that not only do women have to suffer through this almighty inconvenience each and every month, sometimes more than once a month, the Australian government applies GST to sanitary products because, get this, they’re a ‘luxury’ item.  I don’t know about you, but the one word I would NEVER use to describe my period is LUXURIOUS.

So I invested in my first pair of period proof panties. Modibodi’s to be precise.  Buying underwear online can sometimes be a challenge but Modibodi has a great size chart to walk you through it, and so many different styles it doesn’t matter what shape you like to wear, they have it.  Heavy flow, light flow, or is your issue bladder leakage? They’ve got you covered! For some women, like me, these won’t replace your tampons entirely. But I no longer have to double up at night, I don’t need to worry about sleeping on a towel, or setting an alarm for a midnight run to the loo, and with twin toddlers, I get up enough at night as it is.

What I love about my panties is that they’re not bulky. I HATE wearing pads and liners. They are uncomfortable, they slip and twist and they feel like you have a phonebook stuck in your pants.  My Modibodi’s are as thin as about 3 credit cards stack together. They’re flexible, and absorbent and they don’t smell.   But my favourite thing about them is that for every pair I buy, Modibodi donates a pair to a woman in need who doesn’t have access to sanitary products. For me, that was the clincher.  Plus, they’re Australian owned!

So do yourself (and a woman that’s a bit less fortunate than you) a favour, check them out. They are reusable, sustainable and easy to wash.  I’ll never go back to pads again.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All statements contained in this article are true and correct and I only endorse products I use myself.

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